Who viewed my instagram profile?

If you are the type of person who like to take lots of pictures and shoot videos then chances are you are very active on instagram, instagram is the largest influential market out there and here we are discussing the most common question about instagram.

“who viewed my instagram profile” is a common question asked by many people, is it possible really to view the people who viewed my instagram account, let us look at some methods that are out there and discuss if it is possible to find the stalkers.

But before you jump to the main section of this post here is a word of warning for you these methods are not accepted by instagram

some apps can contain malware,we are not sure about anything

This is certainly not a white hat technique

Most apps have ads and will charge you for premium features and these apps may show incorrect information

Whatever you do if any of these apps prompt you to enter your passwords manually, DONT!!!

Who Viewed My Instagram – Profile Tracker:

With more than half a million downloads this is the most popular app out there to check who viewed your instagram account.

when opening up the app for the first time it tells you to log in with your instagram credentials,hmmm…. I don’t have a good feeling about this, but anyway for the sake of this tutorial I logged in with one of my account

and here it is the people who visited my instagram account, but wait how can I know for sure??.. that is why I still doubt if these methods can give us true information, to test if this app really works lets look at another android application and cross check the results.

Who Viewed My for Instagra Profil

This is another very popular app with over 500 thousand downloads, after installing this app and logging in this app refuses to show the details of the users who visited my profile because I was using their free version, WTF??

Who viewed my instagram profile?


But wait !!! these two apps showed me different visitor status and I don’t even know which data is correct.

I really don’t recommend these methods to anyone, I had a small instagram account I created for testing purposes that is the only reason I used these apps, I would never login with my own credentials ever in a third party application of instagram.


Surfing the internet I found this page on guiding tech which makes it clear that

The Instagram API doesn’t share information with third-party apps.



So let me say that these apps are useless and made for making money from people who uses it by serving them ads and premium purchase offers.

So what do we recommend?

well you guys should stick to the original analytics app from instagram, it has its limitations but its the safest method to use.

Okay wait there is one more trick that anyone can use to find the stalkers.

Instagram stories

Similar to facebook and whatsapp you can monitor who viewed your stories(status in whatsapp) in instagram.Here I have posted  a story and I can see who viewed those stories by swiping up, I can even click the cross icons to block them from viewing my story.


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