Complete Guide to Rooting Android Phone – Root any android phone

Complete Guide to rooting android phone

By learning this method you will be able to root any android phone out there,but before you take your phone and root it you may wanna completely read this article because there is a good chance if you are doing this for the first time that you may end up bricking your phone,but don’t worry we will discuss some methods to avoid and resolve phone getting bricked.


  • create a backup of all your data as it might be lost from your phone.
  • Make sure that your Android has at least 50% of battery remained. If unfortunately, your Android runs out of battery, the device is likely to turn brick

Root any android phone

Why should you root your phone?

Well here are quite a few reasons why

Rooting android advantages

1.No Ads ,Ever…

Now this is a good enough reason to root any android phone those nasty youtube ads repeating over and over is a real pain in the ass.rooting your phone will make sure you can install apps like adaway to remove ads from almost any app.

2.Remove Bloatware

Now what is bloatware you may think, well its the pre-existing apps which we cannot uninstall from our device and most of this apps are always unnecessary for most of us,rooting any android phone will give access to which google apps we want to install 🙂

3.Unlocking phone’s extra potential

Android is famous for being versatile and powerfull but you may be surprised how much you can increase the speed of a device by rooting any android phone.

4.Installing Incompatible apps

there are a lot of apps out there that are not available to no-root users,apps like greenify and titanium back up are great examples,thes apps are the best out there but most people does not have any idea as most of them are not available in playstore.rooting any android phone will give the user the chance to use the best root apps for android.


5.Increasing the speed and Battery life of the device

Apps like greenify can increase the battery backup of your phone and you can overclock your phone to perform better making it great for gaming

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6.custom rom

Lets face it the stock rom in android is boring why not change it to a custom made one for the sake of aesthetic and other purposes??,there are a lot of custom roms available for almost every phone out there,you can easily find it on XDA forum

7.custom kernel

a kernel works sort of like a translator between hardware and software. for example if you are playing a video and you want to increase the volume you swipe up to increase the volume and the kernel translates the command into something which the hardware understands.

Custom Kernels are nothing but modified stock kernel. Its done in order to achieve some features which is not present in the kernel provided by Manufactures. You can find one for your device if anybody has created a custom kernel for your “device”. Kernels are device specific too.

  • how busy the CPU should be before it enables extra cores that it normally has disabled to save battery
  • the frequency the CPU should boost to whenever it detects touch input (to ensure a smoother wake up)
  • the CPU governor (which determines how quickly it tends to ramp up the frequency or not) that should be used
  • change the voltage of the CPU during all possible frequencies
  • the maximum frequency of the GPU
  • enable USB fast charge (for USB 3.0 ports)
  • configure the I/O scheduler that is used


How to root your phone (android 5 and above)

1.Install a custom Recovery

android devices comes with a recovery mode where you can perform certain operations if something goes wrong,however installing a custom recovery like twrp is recommended as it helps to create backups,install roms ,flash kernel and much more very easily.

Now installing custom recovery for a phone may vary from phone to phone

you can find detailed guides on how to do this by googling

install custom recovery on “ your phone name “

after you have flashed a custom recovery lets start rooting

 Root any android phone

How to root android phone without PC (Kingroot)

This is a complete guide for how to root android phone without pc,we will use an app called Kingroot in this method,now kingroot is not available in playstore you have to download it from their official website

king root is available for both Pc and android phone

Download king root apk

KingRoot one click Root all Android devices

Step 2: After KingRoot download is complete, click on the drop-down notification bar to installation

TIP:-if your install is blocked allow app installs from unknown sources and you should be good.


Step 3: In the System installation screen, click “install” to start the installation, when the installation is complete, click on the “open” button to start using KingRoot

root any android phone


Step 5: Click “try it” to enter the main interface, and click “get now” button to start rooting


Step 6: The implementation process is completed and finished, after that you will be return to the main screen, then the Rooting is done.


Step 7: Finally go to google play search and Download: RootChecker to Check the Root is successful, as the following figure which represents success






King root for PC

This will show you how to root android phone manually using a computer,we are going to use the

Download the kingroot software 

Go to settings>about phone>and tap multiple times on ‘version’ to enable developer settings

after you have enabled developer options goto developer settings and enable USB debugging

install king root software and plug in your phone via USB

if your drivers are not installed kingroot will install it for you and after you have done with installing drivers click on ROOT and your device will be rooted.





Now comes the easiest way to root your phone,this method claims to not wipe any of your data,however it is recommended you backup your phone just in case.

If you plan to flash a custom kernel, flash it AFTER installing Magisk

  • Make sure to remove any other root, your best bet would be restoring your boot image back to stock
  • Switch off your phone and enter into custom recovery mode by simultaneously pressing power and vol down key.

Best root apps for android

here are some of the best root apps for android,th



One of the most popular benefits of rooting Android is being able to block advertisements across all apps and browsers.

AdAway is one of the best ways to do that. This powerful ad blocker comes with a number of unique advantages. Read our AdAway review.

Quick Boot (Reboot)


Sick of awkwardly holding down the power button and volume buttons to restart your Android phone or tablet? Quick Boot wants to help.

Quick Boot lets you easily reboot your device, power off your device, or boot your device into recovery or bootloader mode with just a single tap. It’s a lifesaver for rooted Android users who need to frequently restart their devices.

System App Remover

One of the most annoying parts of getting a new smartphone is removing all the unnecessary system apps from your home page.

System App Remover wants to help you instantly remove those apps from more than just the homepage: it wants to help you safely and quickly uninstall all of those annoying system apps you never use.

SDFix: KitKat Writable MicroSD


For some bizarre reason, Android 4.4 KitKat disabled the ability to write files to your microSD card. SDFix aims to fix that problem.

This root-only app provides an easy fix for MicroSD writing problems. It restores the ability that KitKat took away simply by changing a line in one single configuration file.



DiskDigger is one of those apps that you’ll probably never use until you really need it.

DiskDigger lets you recover lost data that was corrupted or accidentally deleted. It can undelete and recover lost photos from your camera’s internal memory, for example. If you just reformatted your memory card or accidentally deleted a photo, then DiskDigger is usually the best way to get it back.


SuperSU is one of the world’s most popular root-only apps. It acts like a security guard for your phone, helping you manage app permissions and ensure apps don’t overstep their boundaries.
SuperSU is a great way to ensure that malicious apps don’t have admin-level access to all levels of your device. At the same time, it lets trusted apps go about their activities without bothering them. SuperSU is a friendly security guard which walks softly and carries a big stick.

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is a root-only Android app created by Titanium Track. It’s the best backup app currently available for Android. You can back up virtually every byte of data on your device, including unique app data, user data, and more.



Greenify is one of the  best root apps for android,it is the reasons why rooting your phone can save so much battery life. Greenify can boost battery life by an average of 2-4 hours simply by intelligently managing how apps run in the background.

Available on both rooted and non-rooted devices, Greenify is one of the world’s most popular rooted apps. It works much better when installed on a rooted device.

No matter which device you install it on, Greenify will hibernate background apps. When an app hibernates, it stops running in the background. It won’t deliver notifications to your phone and it won’t silently steal RAM or CPU cycles. To activate this app again, all you have to do is tap on it – just like you normally would when opening the app.


Custom ROM


Now like cutom kernel rom is also device specific so do a little bit of research and be sure to backup your original ROM before flashing.


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