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A new month has arrived with it comes new phones.while we wait for the OnePlus 6,Galaxy X and the Judy a new awaited smart phone was released  last week.Yes it is the oppo f7. The tech giant OPPO realized 4th generation of its F series to the smart phone industry.


One of the first looks  of OPPO f7 is shown here.From the picture we can see an iPhone like notch.Which seems to be a trend this year.We also note that it has a nearly bezel less design.We can also see that it has a metallic body with a glossy finish.

OPPO F7 specifications


While the display looks stunning, it also lights the spec sheet on fire. OPPO F7 has a full HD 6.23-inch display with a density 405 PPI that enables it to render extremely high-quality videos and images. Also, you can forget about the 18:9 aspect ratio because OPPO F7 has a 19:9 aspect ratio!
Now some of you might be thinking that while the display is amazing, it might be a little too big for one hand usage. And that’s when the OPPO F7 pulls its trump card in the form of 88% body-to-screen ratio which gives you more display in less body.


Both f7 and f7 128 use MTK p60 processor.Its an octa core processor where the octa cores refer to the four being a73 and the others being a53 the dual AI core refer two two AI processing units which is exclusive to MTK p60.

Front Camera

The 25MP AI beauty selfie camera captures the very essence of you by using AI Beauty and Sensor HDR technologies. Yup you have read it right,the front camera of the new OPPO F7 can sense and adjust the object it’s viewing. It Supports 16 scenes and objects: Sunset, Grass, Indoor, Food, Sky, Snow, Night, Dog, Portrait, Baby, Firework, Beach, Scenery, Text, Cat, Stage light. It automatically adjusts its selfie camera to account for the lighting movement etc.

Face Unlock

Your OPPO F7 phone knows you like no other, thanks to its advanced AI Recognition Technology using 128 recognition points to identify your unique face. All you need to do is look at the screen to unlock it securely, in a lightning-quick span.Its pretty fast like the OnePlus 5T.


It comes with android 8.1 in the box but its revamped into OPPO’s own color OS.



F7 comes with color os 5 which has all the features of android 8.1 but with extra features mentioned below:

  • Interactive UI
  • Gesture Control


  • Full Screen Multitasking
  • New Assistive Ball


  • More Memory Space:Color OS can intelligently identify the clearest snaps amidst a cluster of similar photos and suggest that you delete the rest.
  • Inbuilt Screen Recorder


  • Fast face unlock feature with 128 dot recognition:


  • High level of security when compared to stock android.


Resolution: 1080×2280 pixels


Storage: 64GB

Rear Camera: 16-megapixel

Battery Capacity: 3400mAh

*Disclaimer:The above data of specs are from here.


Like i previously mentioned the OPPO f7 comes with a metallic body with a glossy color.


The above are the three color options:

  1. Solar Red
  2. Moonlight Silver
  3. Diamond Black(Special Edition)


It is a very vibrant and pretty stylish color.It is the most commonly bought color for OPPO F7 according to google trends.But it makes finger prints visible to the naked eyes very fast.

Solar Red is available in both 64 and 128 GB models of OPPO F7.

Moonlight Silver

It is the color of the first OPPO phone to be launched.This gives a premium look and feel to the OPPO F7. Its one of the common colors found in India because its was the first color to be sold by OPPO in India.

Moonlight Silver is available only on 64 GB model of OPPO F7.

Diamond Black

I think it’s one of the most coolest color Because it has a specific and cool texture.This texture forms a diamond like shape with change in light.This design is proof that OPPO is really being creative their phones.

Diamond Black is available in both 64 and 128 GB models of OPPO F7.

*Did i mention that this is a special edition of F7*




  • Performance Tru-Octa Core, Display 6.23″ (15.82 cm), Storage 64 GB, Camera 16 MP, Battery 3400 mAh, Ram 4 GB.
  • Updated specs and Smooth interface.
  • Supports 16 scenes and objects: Sunset, Grass, Indoor, Food, Sky, Snow, Night, Dog, Portrait, Baby, Firework, Beach, Scenery, Text, Cat, Stage light.
  • The full screen of the F7 with a 19:9 screen ratio has expanded the visual field by 16%, compared to the 16:9 screen ratio.
  • The Full Screen Multitasking supports WhatsApp, Messenger, Line and WeChat, but may differ between countries or ColorOS versions.
  • The overall performance of F7 represents an 80% improvement over the F5.
  • Both the OPPO F7 and F7 128GB models utilize a typical battery value of 3400mAh.
  • Both F7 and F7 128GB use MTK P60 processor.



I would say this phone is for a person who likes taking a lot of selfies, and is interested in having a premium looking phone.

If you own a OPPO F5 i would not recommend you to upgrade to the OPPO F7 because it is an refinement to the F5 with an AI powered camera and a powerful HDR lens.


*Disclaimer:Some of the images are from here.


you can buy the OPPO F7 from below link

adwaith k v
adwaith k v

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