Multiplayer Games Via Wifi Hotspot

Multiplayer Games Via Wifi Hotspot

Playing with friends have always been more fun than playing by yourself. So today we have compiled a specially curated list of Multiplayer Games Via Wifi Hotspot which you guys are able to play with your friends without internet.

#1 Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Mini militia is one of the most popular Multiplayer Games Via Wifi Hotspot . It has a cartoony appearance to it. Together with this design and its arcade like game play makes for an awesome experience. The downfall of this game is also it’s popularity,due to its popularity it’s filled with hackers. So i suggest you only use this to play with your friends via hotspots. But if we put that cheaters a side this is a pretty tactical game filled with a wide variety of weapons like snipers ,automatic riffles, shotgun etc. This game also has a lot of different maps filled with different types of terrains which offer methods to hide or play tactically which ever suites your play styles.

#2 Dream League Soccer

Who doesn’t like football ;-),well dream league is one of the better android games that provide the thrill of playing a soccer game while providing an option to play with your friends without internet. Overall, it has a well balanced game play mechanics that you would expect in a Tripple A game. Try this game out i am sure that this won’t disappoint you.

#3 BombSquad

This is one of those games which you won’t know how it feels like until you have played it. Basically it’s a game where you are a mini sized character who are doing some task like fighting , racing or playing CTF (Capture The Flag).This game has over 16 different game modes  that can all be played via hotspot without internet.

#4 Raging Thunder 2 & Raging Thunder

This is a game which you might not have heard of But trust me it’s worth checking out. If you are into games like the asphalt series and the NFS games you will have a blast with these two  games. This game allows you race with your buddies via hotspot with a maximum of 8 people. The best thing about this game is that it will run smoothly in the most low end devices so that means more of your friends can play with you.

#5 Dual

This is one of those Multiplayer Games Via Wifi Hotspot that you play as a joke to have fun. This a smoothly optimized game that means it will work on lower end devices. The objective of this game is to kill you enemy . Both you and you friend are spaceships who shoot each other using cannon until one of you die. It’s a two dimensional arcade game so will not get bored but you won’t play it often and  yet it’s still fun when you do play it.

#6 Annelids

Let me get this of my back this game is not for the adult in you. If you think and act like a child then this game will make you happy and you will have tons of fun with this one. The dynamic of this game is to kill you friend maximum number of times until the timer runs out on you. you have a wide variety of weapons to choose from like banana launchers to spider bombs. Its game play is one unlike that i have ever seen in an android game. This game also gives you a grappling hook which you can use to either to swing from place to place or to get a hold of you enemies and kill them by pulling them to wards you and shooting them.

#7  Two players game – Crazy racing via wifi (free)

This game steps the up the concept of racing by bring in an NFS most wanted vibe to it. In this game you can either choose to become a cop or a thief. If you choose to be come the thief then you need to reach the end without being destroyed.If you choose to become a cop then you need to prevent the thief from reaching the end. This game will work on most devices. It’s the only game in the app store that has this vibe going for it.

#8 Badminton League

This is one of the most realistic badminton based games. It has real time shuttlecock mechanics. We can perform a lot of  special and skill moves by using it’s simple controls. The best part is that this game has an offline mode which we can use to play via wifi.  so you can challenge you fellow mates and beat them in this game of pure skill. This game was one of the first games to introduce smash mechanic for badminton genre of mobile games. This is one of those games that you keep coming back to make more memories.


These are some of the best Multiplayer Games Via Wifi Hotspot. If you guys have any suggestion or any game that you think should be on this list please let me know in the comments.

adwaith k v
adwaith k v

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