Mi Account Unlock Tool UPDATED!!

Mi account unlock tool can be used to bypass or disable your mi account,we all get the error “this account may be linked to another phone” after resetting your phone and if you forget the password to you account,unless you are super organised when it comes to your digital life chances are you might need this tutorial.

How to Reset my mi account password

If you have accidentally lost your account password you can manually reset it by clicking forgot password and following the steps.

If that is not possible keep reading this article

Downloading Mi account unlock tool

Go to the link given below and download it,its completley free and safe,if your antivirus blocks the download disable it.

Once you download it extract it to some folder 

  • File Name: Mi Account Unlock Tool
  • Alternative Name: mi account Bypass tool
  • File Size:4.4 Mb
  • Supported OS : Windows XP/ Vista/7/8/8.1/10


having an mi cloud account means you can sync,backup and restore your data anywhere from any device.you are just a click away from restoring all your data once you change your device,you can eve remotley wipe all your data from any device.

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Mi Account Unlock / Remover Tool: Bypass Disable Account Mi

This Tool Allow you to do the follow with Mi Devices 

  • Allow you to view device Information
  • Bypass Mi Account
  • Disable Mi Account


  • Enter RECOVERY mode by Pressing  Volume Up button + Power Button simultaneously 
  • Now you will see the mi logo appearing on the screen now release the POWER button
  • choose the recovery mode option and release the Volume Up button
  • connect your phone to a pc with an USB cable.
  • click on INFORMATION button and wait for it to detect your device.
  • if everything is working you can click  on Bypass Mi account or Disable Mi account.


This is not the safest way to unlock your mi account but if you are left with no options this  is a working method.



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