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Playerunknown’s battlegrounds is the best battle royale games for android,it is one of those games which came in and  conquered the mobile gaming platform.It has awesome graphics and physics based gaming engine (UNREAL ENGINE) which is capable of generating some breath taking scenery and explosions in the game.

As great as the game sounds to be it’s still possible to chat or exploit the system.Today we are gonna talk about some of the working Hacks or Mods for Playerunknown’s battlegrounds Here we go!!!

WARNING:The contents shown in this post is only for educational purposes only.Try at you own risk.



An Aimbot  is kind of a piece of software used to provide varying levels of automated target acquisition to the player.That is it basically helps us player’s to hit our Target with a high level of accuracy.So we just have to tap the shoot button and we don’t even have to point.


Scripts are programs written for a special run-time environment that automate the execution of tasks that could alternatively be executed one-by-one by a human operator. That is it helps use to move better or improve our reaction time better.

For example:Let’s consider a scenario in which we r getting shot from our left. If we don’t have a script active we would have to run or find cover and fire back,But all this actions depends on your reaction time which is a mobile game will be fairly low.

But it you have a script activated,your wouldn’t have to move a single key,the script would get activated when you get shot and it will take you to a cover if it’s available in an area near you(approximately 20feet) or it will make our player jumping continuously so it will be hard to hit us. And if you have you aiming bot on then you just have to tap the fire button and your opponent will we killed in an instant with a tap of the fire button.


Speed Glitch

Yeah,you read it right.There is actually a way to run faster by hitting certain key combinations in PUBGM.

Let’s see how it’s done

Step 1:Tap crouch button

Step 2:Tap right lean button

Step 3:Move the joystick backwards

Step 4:Undo right lean and crouch button


If you guys have any doubts or any questions please post it in the comments and I will try to answer it as soon as possible.


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