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Battle-Royale is the most famous and most played genre presently.In PC it is presently DOMINATED by Playerunknown’s battlegrounds and Fortnite. By seeing this we would expect to see that trend come to android.But it’s not actually the case,Below is the list of most played and free battle royale games found in the android platform.

PUBGM(Player Unknowns Battle Ground Mobile)



It’s the port of the famous PC game PUBG. It has advanced physics and simple controls which when combined properly gives the most amount of adrenaline rush you can ever get in any game.

It currently has two maps (Erangel and Miramar),another map is coming to mobile Global version in the next update(Sanhok),the fourth map is said to be in development (snow map).Each of these maps have their own unique biomes,game mechanics,weapons and vehicles.

Click here to view related to Playerunknown’s battlegrounds.

Crossfire Legends



It’s another game from Tencent(Dev’s of PUBGM) but unlike PUBGM its filled with lots of modes to have fun like Campaign Mode(Two chapters),Team Death match (Seventeen maps) but this mode is filled with bots,Survival Mode (Three chapters). Like PUBGM it has different weapons and vehicles but this one lacks the flair that PUBGM has when it comes to graphics. Don’t get me wrong this game can give hours and hours of fun when you play with your friends.


Rules Of Survival(ROS)


It was one of the first mobile games to take the mobile gaming market by a storm before PUBGM came. When it’s beta came out everyone was queuing up to get a beta pass to play it in early access. Even famous twitch and YouTube streamers we giving those beta passes away as a giveaway.

But it’s popularity fell when games like PUBGM and Standoffs came for android because these games had less bugs and looked much beautiful than ROS. So it’s player base left for the other smooth and optimized games,although its much better now but all those players who left never came back.

This game has all the features required for a Battle royale game like cool guns and vehicles. If you are looking for a gaming experience with simple controls and less competitive(SMALL player base) game play this game will suit you.

Knives Out


This game is made by the creators (NetEase Games) of Battle royale games like Rules Of Survival (ROS) and Survivor Royale. This is the only good looking Battle Royale game that is available in the play store which is smaller than 50 MB.

This game is specifically designed to work in low end devices which doesn’t have the processing power or the memory to run games like ROS or PUBGM. The dev’s have done a miraculous  job of porting ROS into a small package which works great in almost all kinds of devices.

But as this game is designed for low end devices and is small in size it cuts it’s cost when it comes to the visual appeal of the game. It does not have any Ultra HD settings so it looks a little less vibrant than other games in this list.

Standoff 2


This game is the successor of the legendary First Person Shooter Standoff.yeah it has the amazing flair of the original standoff game but what makes this game stand out from the original is the presence the Battle Royale mode.

This game is a fast paced battle royale which takes place in an urban environment. The players will be looting and pushing people in buildings almost 50 percentage of the time. Most of the time you will be hot dropping and dying quickly but its worth it to get a real adrenaline rush like no other.

This is a game will be more appealing for the competitive or E-sports players due to the way it is designed. But it will be fun for casuals who are trying to have fun rather than winning. Give this game a try you wont regret it.


Garena Free Fire


This game used to be the only battle royale game on android but this game was filled with a lot of bugs,But still people used to play this game because it offed something no other game at that time was offering. So when better games came out. It lost most of it’s players. Now this game is still played by people who fell in love with it when it first came out. Now although most bugs were patched it’s player base still remains low.


Battlelands Royale


This a newly released battle royale game this game is made for casual players. It’s the only game in this list which has a cartoony texture to it.

It has a very basic point to shoot gaming mechanic in which left joystick is used to move the player and right joystick is used to point and shoot people. It is a 20 people pvp game. this game kind of resembles fortnite in way of graphical view of guns and meds. But this game is a 2D game in which we see the battle field from the top like in the game of brawl stars.

It is a pretty fun game.It just kills time like no other game I have ever played in android.


These are some of the most well known and fun to play battle royale games found in the android platform.Hope you guys will enjoy playing these games.Tell me if you guys enjoy playing these games by commenting down below.


adwaith k v
adwaith k v

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